Travel Order Page

TO NoTravel DateEmployee/sPurposeDestination
018Jan 29-30Dr. Jeruta
Dr, Gabia
Engr. Guillen
Grassroots Participating BudgetingDepEd ECOTECH Center, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City
017Jan 16Luz C. JandayanDurano MES, Danao
016Jan 20Luz C. Jandayanto conduct an operational procedures in the implementation of Abot-Alam
015Jan 14Dr. Marilyn M. Miranda
Engr. Noime C. Guillen
review and validation of the local poverty action plans
014Jan 15Dr. Roland V. VillegasRegional Consultation of the draft 2016 Plan & Budget Proposal of the Dept. Of Agriculture
013Jan 15Aniano Bautista, Jr
Ida F. Cabantan
to proceed to NTECB Building, Mabolo Cebu City
012Jan 12Luz Jandayan
Marcelita Dignos
Ma. Jesusa Despojo
Nena Minoza
Richelle Pestanas
Sonia Artiaga
Robert Ragas
to attend the SPFL Implementation Review and Planning Conference
011Jan 13Dr. Vivian Ginete
Mr. Victory Yntig
Mr. Misael Borgonia
to confer with the Mayor regarding the upcoming CVIRAA
010Jan 14-18Matilde MayonilaTo attend the Sinulog Grand Parade
009Jan 11Regional PersonnelTo conduct A & E Test
008Jan 14Richelle P. PestanasArea Vocational Rehabilitation Center II Advisory Council Meeting
007Jan 25-31Aniano T. Bautista
Dione S. Sanchez
Melchor O. Jabol
Alberta B. Salo
Maria Loreen Ayuda
Maxima Truya
Berlin Sico
National Seminar/Workshop
006Jan 20-21Mr. Victor Yntig
Engr. Noime Guillen
Mr. Ramon J. Bautista
Post Evaluation
005Jan. 12-16Aniano T. Bautista
Dione S. Sanchez
Melchor O. Jabol
Alberta B. Salo
Maria Loreen Ayuda
Bernard Tagoy
Maxima Truya
Berlin Sico
Emmanuel M. Cinco
15th Annual Seminar Workshop
004Jan. 8Mr. Victor YntigSinulog 2015 Security Preparation
003Jan 12-16Mrs. Nena MinozaWorkshop on the revision of the early grade reading assessment parallel tools
002Jan. 12-14Dr. Maria Jesusa DespojoAnnual Conference School Heads of STE-Implementing High Schools & Regional Science HS
001Jan. 7Matilde MayonilaCommittee Final Meeting